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Program Coordinator
Pat Davis Szymczak is the American founder of Oil&Gas Eurasia Media and Marketing Solutions. Currently, she consults on b2b marketing projects for companies seeking to enter markets in the former Soviet Union; and for Russian and similar FSU profile companies seeking to expand their operations abroad — particularly in the U.S. With 20 years experience in the oil and gas business, Pat oversees the business programming of our travel, training programs to insure that technology and business interests are properly matched.
Deputy Program Coordinator
Natalia Teplitskaya spent 25 years working for one of the largest global oil and gas majors in various capacities. Bilingual (Russian and English) and with significant international travel and business experience, she excels in managing groups on the ground in foreign countries and in insuring quality control of communication in business meetings and presentations when participants are speaking different languages.
Strategic Partnerships
Oil&Gas Eurasia has worked in strategic partnership with various third parties including private businesses seeking private meeting arrangements for business development; foreign delegations supported by the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service (typically coordination of foreign delegations attending exhibitions in the U.S. as part of the U.S. FCS International Buyer Program); also various third party Russian training companies that require a foreign partner.

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